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"86% of UK consumers research a company online before choosing whether or not to use them"
Source: Rawnet 2008 Online Conversion Report

Are you a Local Business or Tradesman?

Calne Business Web are the Premier Online Directory service for the Calne and North East Somerset area, giving thousands of local people access to traders in their area. We can help your Business reach a much wider target audience by including your company in our online directory. Your listing will include all relevant contact information, a link to your website if you have one, a link to find your location on a map and a brief overview of your company and services. Our many satisfied clients have had their trade increased since being listed with us. If you are considering having a website to advertise you Business, Calne Business Web will create a successful website for you, as we have done for many of our existing clients with a huge success of front page results on Google ,see our portfolio.

Featured Listings
The Tile Gallery Chippenham The Tile Gallery Chippenham
Unit 9 Bath Road Industrial Estate
SN14 0AB
Telephone: 01249 660101

Visit our extensive showroom at The Tile Gallery to see that we have thousands of tiles available from more than 14 different suppliers.  We also have our own in-house planners, designers and fitters - meaning that you will get

Edward and Alan Edward and Alan
52 The Causeway
SN15 3DD
Telephone: 01249 654559
Mobile: 07834 404796

At Edward and Alan, as well as our full range of Carpets we also offer an extensive flooring collection of:

Ceramic wall and floor tiles, Laminate woods, Engineered woods and more...

How the internet can help the poorest Britons

A quote from Martha Lane Fox, the Government's Digital Champion, from the Daily Telegraph on Tuesday 22 May 2010:

"In the brave new world of total online harmony....households could save £560 a year by shopping and paying bills online."

The original article can be found here.

This is Calne Business Web and below, we’ll take you through just some of the categories that you can search through via this Online Directory, to find the Calne area Trades, Suppliers, Services and Businesses that you might need to get in touch with and use...

You can find Builders and Building related suppliers, Builders Merchants, Builders and Restoration related firms or quite simply, if you just need a Builder, Calne Business Web can help.

Specialists such as those working within the Building Disability Modifications sector are also listed for Calne and the area and if you need Building Maintenance carried out or are a Builder or DIY Builder yourself and need to source Builders Materials or Builders Tools, you’ll find suppliers listed herein. You’ll be able to view firms of Building Contractors and those who can undertake a Loft Conversion, provide you with a New Build, or those who work in Barn Conversions.

If you need an Electrician, we have local Calne Electricians galore listed, Plumbers, Electrical Contractors and if you need to find electrical components, parts, wiring, plugs and more, check out our Electrical Wholesalers.

Other Electrical Services listed include Calne based firms in categories such as: Electrical Appliance Retailers, Electrical Training Est., Electrical Installation and Electrician Rewiring. Did you know that if you run a Business, you need to carry out Electrical Appliance Testing or PAT Testing – well, at least your Electrician does, on your behalf. This ensures that items used for your work or Business that plug into and use the electricity supply, are tested to make certain that they are in good working order and are fault-free. This includes mobile phone chargers used by employees too, so ensure your team bring all this type of equipment in when your Electrician comes to carry out the testing. Your Electrician will also test Printers, Computers and Laptops, Servers, Scanners, Laminators, Kettles, Toasters – you name it. If it’s used by you or your team for work, it must be included in your PAT Testing, as part of your Risk Assessments.

When it comes to Central Heating Systems you could choose to go the Solar Heating route, using Solar Panels. Or you may stick with Oil Central Heating or even Gas Central Heating, depending on where you are based and what supplies you have locally. Many, if not all Heating Systems require the expertise of a Plumber or Plumbers. If you are a Calne based Plumber, you might be interested to know that you can source Plumbing Supplies via the Calne Plumbers Merchants listings.

Speaking of Plumbers, that leads us on to Bathrooms – we list a range of Bathroom related Trades and Suppliers to help you achieve your dream Bathroom Design – also check out our Bathroom Installation and Bathroom Showroom categories – again all listed businesses are from Calne and the surrounding areas, so never far from you.

Have you experienced Drainage problems at any time? Then you’re not alone and it’s useful to have the number of a local Calne based Drainage specialist to hand for if and when the worst happens. Amongst these listings, we’ve also got categories for Drain Cleaning, Drains and Drain Camera Surveys too.

Moving house or office is stressful, but engaging the services of a tried and trusted local Calne Removals firm can remove a big portion of that stress. Removals experts can also help with a House Clearance and often, with Storage, should you need this service. If you’re clearing out a property or garage/shed, a Rubbish Removals firm will come in handy, as would the number of the local Waste Management firm, when you have large items that need removing and perhaps you are unable to take these to the tip yourself because of their size etc.

Useful when the kids are off to digs at University are the Man And Van, though he’s also very useful for House Removals too, or moving something particular like a Piano, Motorbike or other large and unwieldy item. You might not want to dump your house clearance items, well not all of them – some could be put out for Recycling or, if it’s not an item that your fortnightly Recycling firm will take, try calling some of the other Recycling firms that we have listed on Calne Business Web and they may well be able to help. Some items may need to go out via Scrap Services and again, we can help you to find a Scrap Dealer in your area.

Here, the garden comes under the spotlight. Have you ever needed the services of an Arborist, Tree Surgeon or some Landscaping Maintenance carried out? If you are a DIY gardening enthusiast, visit your local Calne based Garden Centres where you’ll find ideas on Garden Design or look to engage the services of specialists who can take the strain by providing you with Garden Maintenance and Landscaping services. Designing, building and installing Garden Ponds and Water Features takes vision, know-how and strength and you’ll find a choice of experts in and around the Calne area waiting for your call to come and help plan out and implement your dream water feature, bog and planting scheme.

Calne’s not at all far from the Cotswolds, so dry stone walls are a common sight, but they do need repairing occasionally, due to weathering, animal activity of the odd motorist who ‘re-styles’ them. Many homes are built of stone, have stone walls, pavements and pathways, driveways, raised beds in the garden and of course stone is widely used in water feature builds. If you’re undertaking a Building Conversion or a New Build, Extension to your home or property then you’ll benefit from using Calne Business Web’s stone related listings. For Stone Repairs and Stone Restoration, sourcing and getting hold of Stone Supplies, finding a dry Stone Walling expert to carry out Stone Work on news walls, repairs etc, or if you have need of a Stonemason, use our Stonemasons and Stonemasonry categories.

Cleaning – a bit of a necessity really, but hardly our favourite subject or activity. So, why not take advantage of the wealth of local Calne based Cleaning Contractors to take this unpopular job on for you? How about taking a look at the Cleaning Services that a Cleaner or Contract Cleaner and their Cleaning Firm can carry out for you? We also list specialist Carpet Cleaner firms who can deal with any Carpet Stains and if you need Cleaning Supplies, you’ll locate a Calne based supplier quickly through Calne Business web. If you have an office, Commercial Cleaning will no doubt be of interest to you and if you have pets or children, every now and again you may need expert Carpet Cleaners or Rug Cleaning specialists to visit you to deal with an ‘accident’. Whatever your Carpet Cleaning or general Cleaning needs are, it’ll be met by our list of Calne area Suppliers, Trades, Services and Business professions.

Talking of Carpet and Rug Cleaning, if you’re looking for new carpets, carpet tiles, or indeed any type of floor covering including laminate, stone, wood or lino, our Flooring and Carpeting listings will be useful to you, including as they do Oak Flooring specialists, Contract Flooring companies, local Calne based Carpet Fitters and also, Carpet Shops and showrooms.

How many of us dream of having an amazing kitchen having watched the TV chefs effortlessly producing fine dining in their practical yet beautifully arranged kitchens? Find designers listed who can help you achieve your ideal Kitchen and Tile Suppliers to provide those tiles you’ve been quietly but constantly dreaming of. Take a look through our Kitchen Planning and Kitchens listings, where you’ll also find local Calne firms who provide and install such wonders as Marble Worktops. Locate a local, talented Interior Design firm who can source not only just the right blinds and accessories for your dream kitchen, but who also have access to a wide range of Tilers and Tile Manufacturers. Let them design your rooms, building on the vision that you have, sourcing just the right Mirror, and Soft Furnishings. They’ll have access to other Interiors companies and Soft Furnishing Retailers to get your curtains and Upholstery choices just right so that they blend with the rest of the scheme. Also listed are Bathrooms specialists as mentioned previously, Bedroom Installers and firms offering Bespoke Furniture design, build and supply/installation and all from your local Calne area.

Is it just a ‘man thing’ - the obsession with having the very best and the very latest Audio Visual equipment that is? No, surely not – we all like to own a beautiful piece of technology – do our TV viewing on a flat screen, preferably an LCD, HD Ready with built in Freeview box. What about a Digital Radio, personal stereo device that we can listen to wherever we are, even when on the move? You’ll find lots of useful Calne based contacts in our Audio-Visual Services listings such as Aerial Supplies firms, Aerial Suppliers, help with Digital Switchover and issues arising from it, Audio specialists and Satellite TV experts, plus TV Retailers and HiFi shops and showrooms.

For those setting up in Business, finding reputable Signage firms in the Calne area may well be important. You might be looking to have your Business name, address, telephone numbers, email address and website address added to your Company vehicles or, you may require signage for your shop, office or club building, which can take many forms. If you need to make over the interior of your new office or your current office space, we can put you in touch with Shopfitting experts. Want to make some changes? Then try our Office Design services firms, who can assist you make the most of the space you have. Office Installation firms can also help and you may be looking for Office Furniture, whether that’s new or used. Shop around also, for Office Products using Calne Business Web to guide you.

Outsourcing is very popular these days with so much to do in so little time, we can all benefit from allowing an expert to take charge of certain aspects of what we would normally try and do ourselves. The thing is that whilst we are trying to keep on top of these tasks as well as run our Businesses, we all too often run out of time or can’t do the task justice. For instance, at some point we may need the services of a reliable, skilled Calne based Bookkeeper. It may also make sense to engage the ad-hoc or regular help of a Secretarial Services firm – perhaps when you don’t have the skills in-house, can’t afford to take on permanent headcount, don’t have the space, can’t afford to buy extra equipment or just simply need someone you can rely on to get the job done well, with an eye on your budget, keeping your clients happy and working in line with your core business model.

The Conferencing and Events Industry is an exciting sector to work in and you need a range of suppliers to assist you from conception through to completion of each and every event, who you can totally and implicitly trust to provide you with the absolute best in terms of service, assistance, attention and product. Many people don’t realise just how much goes into organising effective events that inspire, motivate and hit a client’s target. Professionals from many differing sectors are pulled together into a cohesive team, managed by the Event Manager, including suppliers such as T-Shirt Printers – perhaps the client would like the crew on-site at the event to wear logo’d articles of clothing. PR and Marketing specialists have a part to play in getting the message out there about the event, sponsors etc. Conference Facilities and venues are extremely important as their service on the day of the event can either make or break it. Events teams often need to source Corporate Entertainment for their events and also, assistance from other Event Management firms or Freelance Event Managers and Hosting representatives. Corporate Events can be quite formal, requiring a certain ‘look and feel’ and Events teams will just about always need the help of Audio Visual Services experts. Chocolate Fountains and the like are sometimes used at events and even Weddings and there’s the Promotions side of things i.e. Promotional Products – you’ll find these firms all listed on Calne Business Web. Even Mobile Bars and Event Bars, Signmakers as previously mentioned and Printers. If you run a local Calne based Event Management firm, you’ll be amazed at what Calne Trades, Suppliers, Services and Businesses have to offer to help your event run smoothly and create the right impression.

Events teams also have to think about Security, though in fact most of us will have this on our minds from time to time. Keeping premises safe and our friends, families, property, delegates, VIP’s and much more secure is vitally important. Calne boasts a range of Security firms including those who supply and install Security Equipment including CCTV and Access Control and Door Control Systems. Depending on your needs, you may require the services of Security Guards – maybe to watch over a property and monitor visitors accessing and exiting your site. You may need VIP’s and certain areas of a property to be guarded and you’ll find all these Security Services and more listed in Calne Business Web, even down to Key Holding, Alarms and Alarm Response.

Moving on to a more personal area, we’d all like to keep fit and healthy and look after the health of our families, so Calne Business Web lists a plethora of health and fitness related categories, including the alternative side of things too. Did you know that there are Calne based Hypnotherapists and Homeopaths that can help treat a range of ailments? Calne also boasts Health Food Shops and Acupuncture specialists. If you suffer from Allergies, find a Calne based therapist who can assist and if you’re into Aloe Vera Natural Skin Care Products, we list suppliers of this miracle product also. A range of Complimentary Medicine firms are listed along with personal care services including Calne based Barbers, Hairdressers, Beauty Salons, Gents Hairdresser, Beauty Products suppliers and Body Piercing & Nail Technicians. Calne has Health Clinics where you can go if you’re interested in Smoking Cessation, plus Chiropractors, Opticians for eye care and Dentist practices. Whatever your needs, from Counselling or help with Phobias, you’ll find it catered for on Calne Business Web. We also list Health Clubs, Physiotherapists and Sports Injury Clinics and for the back, Osteopaths. For expecting Mum’s we also provide listings for Birthing Pools, Childbirth and of course Pregnancy.

Weddings, not unlike Event Management, require planning and the bringing together of many different suppliers and firms to make the big day go smoothly for the Bride, Groom and their families and friends. A trip to a Goldsmith could be on the cards, or a Silversmith, depending on your taste when it comes to Engagement and Wedding rings. Find also Glass Jewellery and general Jewellery suppliers listed in and around the Calne area.

What about Wedding Venues, Wedding Receptions, Marquee Hire and Caterers? You might want to hire a local band or Disco for your evening ‘do’ if you’re having one and don’t forget the Photographer! We list Hotels, Pubs and Restaurants, Accommodation, Guest Houses and B&B’s, which again might prove very useful when planning your Wedding day and Wedding Reception.

Calne Business Web lists Hen Weekends and Stag Weekends and for that all important Honeymoon, you might need the services of Airport Transfers firms. Transporting your guest from A to B might require the services of a Coach Hire company or Minibus Hire or Private Hire firm. Contact numbers for local Calne based Taxis and Chauffeurs might come in useful and if you’re staying locally, or your cars out of order, you might need the services of a Car Hire firm.

Keeping you fit is of course the option of ‘pedal power’, which is also ecologically friendly. For Cycle Accessories firms, Cycle Repairs if your bike’s looking a bit flat in the tyre department for instance and Cycle Parts, you’ll find a range of local Calne suppliers and shops – you’ll also find Cycle Hire if you fancy a trip out and don’t own your own bike. This can also come in handy if you like to ride the canal paths but don’t have your own licence.

One thing we really can’t plan ahead for is the need for a firm of local Calne based Funeral Directors, but it’s good to know who your local firm are and where they are. Some will also want contact details when it comes to Monumental Memorials and the associated Monumental Masons and you’ll find these listed as you’d expect.

Moving onto a lighter subject, we come to our leisure time. There are so many leisure activities to choose from and we can’t possibly mention them all here, but we’ll discuss a selection to give you some inspiration and an idea of the local Calne leisure related Businesses that we list. Have you ever thought of Boat Hire? This can be a ‘row your own’ variety or even hiring a boat and crew and holding a party or celebration on board. If you’re a horse rider, the local Equestrian Centre might be of interest to you. A bit more energetic and we’re now on to Martial Arts and Boxing Clubs – again keeping you fit! To purchase music or instruments, try our Music Shops and if you’re brave and enjoy a thrill, how about Abseiling? For the calm minded, Bonsai can be a both a relaxing and satisfying hobby, with a wealth of plants to choose from and a plethora of Bonsai related tools. Photographers will no doubt be interested in local Calne based Camera Shops and the creative amongst us might wish to find out about a Floristry School. Catch a flick at the local Cinemas or source Childrens Discos or Fancy Dress supplier for a kids party. Dance the night away with Discos – Mobile – great for a celebration, Wedding or other event where strutting your stuff would be a fun way to entertain. For the Anglers amongst us, details of a local Calne based Fishing Tackle Shop will come in very handy, whether you’re after fishing Tackle Supplies, Barbel Fishing Rods or even Custom Built Carp Rods. For some time away, take a look at our listed Holiday Lets and Holiday Villas or join Calne based Musical Societies. By browsing the Calne Business Web’s leisure listings, you’ll be spoilt for choice if you’re looking for new ideas on ways to spend your leisure time or need specific leisure supplies or services.

Keep those Calne little ones happy by providing them with Children’s Entertainment and Party Balloons. We list Party Supplies firms and Party Entertainers in addition to Prop Hire, Entertainments and Narrow Boat Hire. If you’re holding a party, how about giving it a Fancy Dress theme?

Sometimes we want to go out for a quiet and romantic dinner for two, especially around Valentine’s Day, a birthday or an anniversary, but other times we want child friendly Pubs and Restaurants and what better way to find your choice of eatery venue or watering hole than to check through Calne Business Web’s Food and Drink categories? Find a Child Friendly Pubs, Restaurants and more.

We’re delighted that you’ve stopped by and we hope that you have found the listings provided on Calne Business Web to be extremely useful and that you’ll come back when you need to find a Calne based Service, Trade, Professional, Supplier or Business or indeed if you need Wedding organisation or leisure time inspiration. See you again soon.

How Important a Strong Web Presence Is

A quote from Prince Charles from the Daily Telegraph on Saturday 10th Oct. 2009:

"Access to the Internet is increasingly being considered a necessity. There is not a business in the country, with ambition to succeed, that does not have an email address or a website."

The original article can be found here.

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