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Business owners beware - a Recession can result in knee-jerk responses, such as making cuts in haste, to your Marketing Budgets.  However, taking this approach can prove a fatal mistake as not only does your exposure to potential new Business opportunities dwindle and fade, but competitors who maintain their Marketing spend during this period are able to take advantage of your cuts, gaining a larger market share and return on investment at a lower cost, than during better economic times.

Now is the time to address the Marketing of your Business and this can be effectively achieved by targeting the very high percentage of the population who now utilise the internet, which during the second quarter of 2008 alone, had reached some 89%.  The internet is not going to go away, in fact it's developing at high velocity - Google, the well known Search Engine, is one of the fastest growing markets in the world, whereas for instance, hardcopy telephone directories, continue to decline and are fast becoming an antiquated part of the past.

These days, the Consumer has been forced to an extent, to redefine value. They will put a great deal more time and effort into researching durable goods, services and supplier companies using the power of the internet. They'll gather as much information as they possibly can and, as a direct result, will be in a very strong position and better able to make highly informed decisions when carrying out Business transactions.

There's a whole host of differing quality of Web Designer out there, but here at Bath Business Web, we not only comprise of a highly qualified Web Design Team, but also offer a service based on years of experience within Industry and therefore, the ability to understand your Business, compose relevant, informative content that delivers your brand message, as part of the integral and all important process of building your website.

Bath Business Web know that it is imperative, now more than ever, that Businesses have a solid web presence, where they can be found quickly without fuss.  In previous years (and better economic climates), Businesses have relied on word of mouth (in some cases alone), but we have found that in the majority of cases during the Recession, word of mouth now only represents a fraction of the process of attracting new customers 'through your door'.

Duncan Short's years of experience of having worked with British Telecom means that the Team at Bath Business Web are very aware that Businesses relying on existing customers for repeat business have found that over a period of time, there are various circumstances within which these customers will no longer provide the 'bread and butter' income.  Customers move location, or become bad debtors, they can change their mind on whom they prefer to deal with or they might find that the Service or Tradesman that they normally deal with is on holiday or that they are at times, not easy to get in touch with and thus, the customer migrates their business elsewhere.

Customer's don't ask you whether you have a website - these days it is expected that you have one.  Each year the BT team responsible for the upkeep of the hardcopy telephone directories delete listings for many Businesses, which are no longer trading or have moved away, which means that especially during the Recession, it is vitally important not to simply rely on your existing customer base, but to continually work to attract new customers and fill the gaps left by customers that you may have lost through no fault of your own.

Here at Bath Business Web, the Team build high quality, professional websites on a daily basis, filled with appropriate content, which are fully updateable by the Client and are locally serviced (which is vitally important from a communications point of view) and we have done so for many years.  These websites have a very high rate of being found through the front pages of both the Google and Yahoo Search Engines, with the back-up support of the Bath Business Web portfolio of online Directories and Box Listings therein, assisting in this process.  This ensures that the Client has the best possible opportunity for promotion of their website and as a direct result, this can only help to increase their Business Turnover - something that's very welcome, especially during these difficult times.

Guess what happens without advertising?  Well, Edgar Watson Howe, an American novelist and a newspaper and magazine editor in the late 19th and early 20th century, was famously quoted for saying that "Doing Business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark.  You know what you are doing but nobody else does".

Please get in touch, especially during the economic challenge faced by all, to see how Bath Business Web can proactively increase the positive exposure of your Business and therefore promote your particular service offering to a colossal and ever increasing internet audience.
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